Mold Remediation

What is Mold?

We have probably all encountered mold at some point or another. It may have been in the shower, on a piece of bread or wet drywall. Mold is a microscopic life form found in all parts of our environment. It is a natural process of the decay of dead organic materials. There are over 100,000 species of mold, and while they are diverse, they share some characteristics.
Mold requires an organic food source, moisture, and oxygen to grow. It can be found growing in building materials such as wood and drywall. Mold is spread by it seeds called “spores”. These spores are not visible to the naked eye which is why mold remediation should only be performed by a trained and certified professional.

Why it is a Problem

Active mold colonies compete for food source through chemical warfare and release what is called “Mycotoxins” into the air that can be harmful to pets and humans. This can cause health symptoms in some people if exposed to significant quantities. Exposure to mold spores can cause mild to severe allergic reactions, depending upon the individual’s sensitivity. Infant and the elderly are more at risk as well as those that are immune suppressed.
Because the job of mold is to digest, decay and recycle dead organic material, it will eventually destroy whatever surface it grows on.

Do I Have Mold?

If you suspect that your home may have possible mold contamination, contact us for a free visual inspection and we can go over what options you may have for successful remediation.