Identification and Health Risks of Indoor Mold Growth

The presence of indoor mold growth may be more common than you think as there are several varieties of mold that can be found indoors.  Excessive mold growth in a home is usually caused by exposure to moisture and can lead to permanent property damage as well as a range of health problems for those living in the home.  It is important to be able to identify the most common types of indoor mold so that you can act quickly to have them removed before they can contribute to permanent damage or adverse health effects. It is especially important to quickly deal with mold remediation in Eustis Florida because of the high humidity allowing mold to spread more rapidly.

Health Problems Caused by Mold

Mold releases tiny spores that travel through the air and spread mold growth by attaching themselves to a clean surface.  When these spores are inhaled, the immune system reacts and tries to destroy the mold which could result in headaches, runny noses, sneezing, scratchy throats, or allergic rhinitis.  Inhaling mold spores can also trigger asthma attacks in those that suffer from asthma.

Another health problem that can arise from mold exposure is respiratory infection.  Respiratory infections occur when live mold forms in the tissues of the respiratory track and lungs which can become dangerous without treatment.  Identifying mold as soon as it begins to grow is the best way to prevent these potential health problems.

Common Indoor Molds

Indoor molds can generally be put into three main categories; allergenic which trigger allergic reactions, pathogenic, and toxigenic which poses health threats to everyone.  Mold is often categorized by color but it is important to remember that each color group contains harmful and harmless mold types.  The following are the two most common mold types that pose health risks:

  • Green Molds (Aspergillus/ Penicillium): There are over 185 types of green mold and they are often associated with allergies and Aspergillosis which is a serious infection caused by inhaling mold spores.  Aspergillosis may affect the lungs, ears, nose, sinuses, and the brain.
  • Black Molds (Stachybotrys): These molds are the most feared of the mold types; they are slimy to the touch and they grow quickly in moist areas.  Only certain types of black molds are toxic but it takes professional testing to determine if the mold is toxic.  The presence of black mold may require professional mold remediation services.

Mold Remediation

If dangerous mold is growing throughout your home, it is best to have it removed by a professional mold remediation service provider.  Companies that provide professional mold remediation generally start by inspecting the mold growth and the extent of moisture exposure in the property.  They will then remove the mold growth using the proper equipment and products and either repair or replace the surfaces that were contaminated by mold.  Professional mold remediation technicians also make sure to prevent the mold from spreading as they work.

Homeowners should be able to identify the most common types of indoor molds so that they can have them removed before they cause health problems or property damage.  It is also important for homeowners to make sure their homes are not exposed to excessive water or moisture which is the main cause of mold growth.  However, if you do discover mold growth in your home, call for professional mold remediation services to have it removed by ServiceMaster in Eustis Florida.